noodle dryer Best For You

Noodle drying machine, industrial noodle dryer

Why Choise the noodle dryer basic on heat pump technology.

  • efficiency is as high as 460%, operation cost is the 1/3 of fuel gas,fuel oil,1/4 of the electricity,40% lower than the solar energy,save 30% than coal.
  • 2.environmental protection: electricity directly, no waste heat,water and air emissions.
  • of water and electricity,no leakage danger,no explosion danger.
  • 4.easy installation:integrated drying,dehumidification,installation,demolition is convenient and can be installed inside or outside.
  • 5.drying quality control:intelligent control,color,lustre and shape remains unchanged.High degree of automation, intelligent,24 hours of continuous drying operation.Not affected by climate: whether it is windy or rainy, can be operation.