lemon dryer Best For You

lemon drying, with the white plastic tray pack mango slices, prevent glue plate after drying, drying output determines the size of the drying room as well as the material rack quantity.Uniform hot air circulation, according to the arrangement of mango slices to reasonable design drying air road, so that there is a hot air circulation in every corner of the drying room, drying quality to achieve unity.

Can be used for drying lemon slices, jackfruit, kiwi, mango, melon, banana slices, olives, coconut and other fruits and vegetables.

Feature / Advantage:

  • 1.Save money: the drying cost is 70% lower than the traditional way.
  • 2.Faster: humidity regulating and dehumidification can be run at the same time, and the drying time can save 35% compared with the traditional method.
  • 3.Cleaner: no waste gas and wastewater discharge, no environmental pollution, no chemical rust prevention or paint residue in the whole drying process.
  • 4.More even: the flow direction and velocity of air in the drying room should be fully designed to ensure the heat distribution of each layer of materials in the drying room is even.
  • 5.More intelligent: the temperature and humidity of drying room can be controlled intelligently according to the fresh-keeping requirements of different drying objects to meet the requirements of fresh-keeping by drying.