heat pump fruit dryer Best For You

Heat Pump Fruit Dryer through compressed air heating, only a small amount of electricity to drive the compressor can obtain the required high temperature heat, automatic operation without personnel duty, is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection drying solution.

This kind of heat pump dryer can widely used in the drying production for fruit, ginger, dates, lemon, mango slice, cherry, rasins, grape, fig, and most kinds of fruit material.

Feature / Advantage:

  • 1.Convenient installation and disassembly, small floor space.
  • 2.It absorbs a lot of heat from the air and USES only a quarter of the power of an electric heater, saving about 60% of the operating costs of a coal, oil or gas dryer.
  • 3.Easy to operate, different drying curves can be set to meet the drying requirements of different materials.