Papayas Dryer Best For You

The continuous belt papayas dryer is used for drying the high moisture material to a suitable moisture, so that the material can be reached a high efficient use value.

it has strong compatibility which can dry the papayas rapidly and easy to operate.

The papayas dryer uses hot air as drying medium, and the hot air is sent to the dryer through the induced draft fan. The processed materials are conveyed by multi-layer stainless steel mesh belts and passed through a multilayer loop in the dryer. The hot air passes through the mesh belt and the material convey from top to bottom, layer by layer to achieve the purpose of drying.

feature of continuous belt papayas dryer:

  • 1. High drying efficiency. The drying machine not only rely on heat to dry, but also through the strong air, improve the drying efficiency and reduce the drying time.
  • 2. Large capacity: continuous feeding and discharging material.
  • 3. Save cost, easy to operation.