Continuous belt vegetable dehydrator and dryer Best For You

Continuous belt vegetable dehydrator and dryer

Dehydrated vegetables are products of vegetables after processing such as washing, dust removing, slicing and then drying. Dehydrated vegetables not only retain the flavor and nutrition of vegetables, but also facilitate transportation and storage. They can be eaten directly or processed such as milling.

Continuous belt vegetable dehydrator and dryer is widely applicable to all kinds of regional seasonal vegetables and fruits, such as: kale,tomatoes,mushrooms,corn,broccoli,chili peppers ,spinach, pumpkin, papaya, bitter gourd and much more!

All parts of contact materials in the machine are made of food grade stainless steel, which is safe and hygienic.

According to the drying characteristics of materials and drying quality requirements, combined with years of experience in agricultural products drying equipment, we provide customers with customized vegetable dehydrator and dryer.


According to customer needs, can be equipped with a variety of functions, models of the mesh belt;

Easy to clean and avoid sticking materials;

The speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted to meet the drying process requirements of different materials.