the influence of drying on the physiological quality of

Fundamental and holistic aspects of palliative care

Will enhance quality of life and may also positively influence the course of illness Is applicable early in the course of illness in conjunction with other therapies that are intended to prolong life such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy and includes those investigations needed to better understand and manage distressing clinical complications Palliative care can be provided to

Physiological Quality of Soybean Seeds Treated with

The objective of this work was to analyze the physiological quality of soybean seeds treated with CMC and fungicide recording images to verify the effectiveness of the coating in the seeds The experiment was randomized into factorial scheme 2 4 with four replicates two soybean cultivars M-7110 and M-7739 and four types of coating: without (control) CMC fungicide and fungicide/CMC The

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The influence of drying on the physiological quality of

The influence of drying on the physiological quality of crambe fruits Influncia da secagem na qualidade fisiolgica dos frutos de crambe Llian Moreira Costa * Osvaldo Resende Douglas Nascimento Gonalves Kelly Aparecida de Souza Juliana de Ftima Sales Juliana Rodrigues Donadon Instituto Federal de Educao Cincia e Tecnologia Goiano Rod Sul Goiana Km 1 Cx Postal 66


DRYING OF MAIZE AFTER PHYSIOLOGICAL MATURITY ON CHERNOZEM SOIL WITH FOREST RESIDUES cob and ear stalk may influence drying together with the favourable or unfavourable weather conditions (Hadi and Szundy 1990) However little is known about the rate and volume of drying at low grain moisture content in the case of late harvesting Material and methods The grain

Physiological changes in maize seed (Zea mays L ) quality

maturation and artificial drying after harvest can influence seed quality In an effort to maintain seed quality maize (Zea mays L ) seed ears are routinely harvested at a high moisture content and mechanically dried to approximately 120 g HjO kg ' fw moisture The drying process has been identified as a cause of seed injury and economic loss The following review will discuss some factors


Pre-harvest factors affecting quality factors responsible for deterioration of horticultural produce physiological and bio-chemical changes hardening and delaying ripening process Post-harvest treatments of horticultural crops Quality parameters and specification Structure of fruits vegetables and cut flowers related to physiological changes after harvest Methods of storage for local

Cultural considerations at the end of life

Blacks believe that advance directives may influence HCP decision for care and they could receive lesser quality healthcare or treatment In addition Black Americans are less likely to formally prepare for the end of life 16 Religious beliefs also influence decisions at the end of life Black Americans believe that a higher power such as God and faith controls their destiny Blacks believe

Influence of Drying Processes and Pretreatments on

Drying has been applied to vegetables in order to preserve store and transport these food products However drying implies not only physical changes easily detectable by the consumer through visual assessment but also chemical modifications These are not always visible but are responsible for alterations in colour flavour and nutritional value which compromise the overall quality of

Gene expression of coffee seed oxidation and germination

Slow drying showed better physiological quality for seeds at 40 and 12% moisture levels while quick drying was the most effective for seeds with 20% moisture Sensitivity to water loss was confirmed by quick drying and activation of enzymes and POX transcriptions reduced during drying RT-qPCR revealed a 6969 Genetics and Molecular Research 12 4): 6968-6982 2013) FUNPEC-RP


at the time of picking influence the storage life and quality of fruit when picked immature like mango develop white patches or air pockets during ripening and lacking in normal brix acid ratio or sugar acid ratio taste and flavour on the other hand if the fruits are harvested over mature or full ripe they are easy susceptible to microbial and physiological spoilage and their storage life is


The Concept of Partial Rootzone Drying and Its Physiological Background One practice to conserve water is partial root zone drying (PRD) which is a deficit irrigation technique using controlled drought stress to improve WUE PRD relies on a simple spatial separation of dry and wet roots (Liu et al 2007 Shahnazari et al 2007) that can be

Support Individuals at the End of Life Free Essay Example

It would also have a psychological affect on an individual as knowing you're going to die may be frightening 2 4 Explain how beliefs religion and culture of individuals and key people may influence end of life care Depending on the individual's background and religious beliefs they may wish to be cared for in a specific way for example CK is Sikh and therefore her religious beliefs



Fruit and seed quality of okra [Abelmoschus esculentus (L

The influence of harvesting stages and drying methods on fruit and seed quality of okra [Abelmoschus esculentus (L ) physiological maximum quality in terms of percent germination has been inconclusive Harrington (1960) had earlier reported that seeds attain maximum quality in terms of germinability at the end of the seed filling period and thereafter viability and vigour declines In some

The influence of drying on the physiological quality of

The aim of this research was to evaluate the influence of drying process conditions on the physiological quality attributes of cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana L ) impregnated under vacuum with AC and dehydrated A factorial design was performed with two independent variables 2 levels per variable (temperature: 50 and 60C air velocity: 2 0 and 3 0 m s-1) and three replicates per drying

Effects of temperature and humility on the appearance

To improve quality of upper leaves of flue-cured tobacco and optimize curing technology effects of different temperature and humidity on appearance quality chemical components content of aroma components and smoking quality of upper flue-cured tobacco leaves were studied in the stem drying stage during bulk curing The results showed that temperature and humility in stem-drying stage had

Influence of different priming and drying methods on the

We evaluated the effects of osmotic solutions incubation times and drying speed on the physiological quality of tomato seeds The osmotic solutions were used in the following proportions: PEG 6000 (polyethylene glycol) 25% PEG + 75% KNO3 (potassium nitrate) 50% PEG + 50% KNO3 75% PEG + 25% KNO3 and KNO3 all with osmotic potential of -1 1 Mpa The PEG 6000 solution had a

Physiological quality of second crop soybean seeds after

The physiological quality was evaluated every 45 days thereafter by germination first count accelerated aging modified cold electrical conductivity and tetrazolium chloride-based tests From the results obtained we conclude that a) an increase in the temperature of drying air influences the physiological quality of the soybean seeds produced during the second crop and this effect is

Physiological studies of the influence of light and water

Physiological studies of the influence of light and water stress on harvest and postharvest quality of deciduous fruit Murray Xavier John (2002-12) Thesis (MSc)--Stellenbosch University 2002 Thesis ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Successful export of South African fresh fruit requires fruit of a high quality Variable fruit quality within a consignment is detrimental to effective marketing of the

Pretreatments and temperature effects on the drying

are used to stop some physiological processes before drying vegetables and fruits It helps to inactivate enzymes that leads to some quality degradations and improves the acceptability of the final products Moreover it can accelerate drying rate and prevent quality deterioration by expelling intercellular air from the tissues and softening the texture [10] In this study the main objectives

Influence of Drying Conditions on the Processing Quality

Influence of Drying Conditions on the Processing Quality of Rough Rice C Bonazzil INRA/ENSIA Genie Industriel Alimentaire avenue des Olympiades Massy 91305 France M A du Peuty ENSMA Laboratoire d'Etudes Thermiques Futuroscope BP 109 Futuroscope Cedex 86960 France A Themelin CIRAD-SAR U R Genie et Technologie Alimentaire Domaine de Lavalette BP 5035

Effect of processing methods on nutritional and physico

04/07/2018drying cooking freezing smoking and canning has discussed A special emphasis has given concerning effects resulted from the various processing methods on the quality of final fish products and the consumer's acceptability of these processed products Figure 1A Effect of storage period on crude protein content of Lutjanus johnii

European Medicines Agency

Appropriate use of quality risk management principles can be helpful in prioritising the additional pharmaceutical development studies to collect such knowledge The design and conduct of pharmaceutical development studies should be consistent with their intended scientific purpose It should be recognized that the level of knowledge gained and not the volume of data provides the basis for

Drying duration and stream characteristics influence

The ability of fauna to persist during drying events may be achieved through behavioural adaptations for example physiological adaptation such as desiccation-tolerant juvenile or adult life stages (Strachan et al 2015 Stubbington et al 2016) tolerance of declining water quality as discharge declines (van Vilet Zwolsman 2008 Whitworth et al 2012) and burrowing below the riverbed

Changes in Microbiological and Physicochemical Quality of

Vacuum drying is a drying technique in which drying is performed using low pressure Air drying is one of the most frequently used techniques for preserving fruits and vegetables by removal of water from substances Drying methods and process conditions affect the food quality such as color density texture and nutrient contents [23 24]

The influence of drying on the physiological quality of

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