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Zang R Li P Wang G 2020 'Bimetallic Sulfide/Sulfur Doped T 3 C 2 T x MXene Nanocomposites as High-performance Anode Materials for Sodium-ion Batteries' Chemical Research in Chinese Universities vol 36 no 3 pp 431-438 View/Download from: Publisher's site View description

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It is also found that precipitation of T1 phase occurs during multiple aging process of the alloy and the higher amounts of enthalpies shown in DSC charts are linked to higher volume fraction of this precipitate Furthermore TEM observations reveal that T1 phase has plate shape morphology and its crystal structure is in the form of hcp with lattice parameters of a=0 467 nm and c=0 878 nm

Transformative Energetics: A Pathway to Next Generation

improvements for highly progressive 3D grain geometries (Year 1) • Develop methods for identifying and parametrising suitable novel 3D topologies ready for optimisation (Years 1-2) • Provide realistic manufacturable high-performance charge designs for manufacture and test (Years 2-4) • Ballistic lab testing and analysis (Year 2 -3) and

Co Cemented Carbides

Grown up a simple fast low-cost industrially-producible powder preparation method was proposed to prepare a nano/ultrafine WC-Co composite powder with controlled structure and performance and a WC crystal grain size of less than 100 nm From the traditional 8 steps to 3 steps the carbonization temperature is reduced from the conventional 1300 C to 1000 C 1 3 gas phase reaction

Carbon materials: surface chemistry and biomedical

Carbon materials (nanodiamonds carbon nanotubes fullerenes graphene and carbon dots) are one of the most fascinating platforms in the field of nanomedicine For their biomedical applications surface chemical functionalization of carbon materials plays an important role Scope:This symposium focuses on surface chemistry and biomedical applications of carbon materials (diamond nanodiamonds


25/10/2019In order to prepare high performance oxide-dispersion-strengthened tungsten based alloys the W-Y 2 O 3 composite powder precursors were synthesized by novel freeze-drying method The average W grain size of prepared W-Y 2 O 3 composite powder is 14 2 nm and corresponding grain size distribution is extremely narrow The low-temperature sintered W-Y 2 O 3 alloys possess an ultrafine W grain

Uniform Na+ Doping‐Induced Defects in Li‐ and Mn‐Rich

Uniform Na + Doping‐Induced Defects in Li‐ and Mn‐Rich Cathodes for High‐Performance Lithium‐Ion Batteries Wei He Department of Materials Science and Engineering State Key Lab of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surface Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemistry for Energy Materials College of Materials and Pen‐Tung Sah Institute of Micro‐Nano Science and Technology Xiamen

A novel study on preparation of H2TiO3–lithium adsorbent

A peroxy lithium titanate sol was prepared with low-cost and easily available titanyl sulfate as the titanium source lithium acetate as the lithium source and aquae hydrogenii dioxidi as the complexing agent using an inorganic precipitation–peptization method The sol system was aged centrifugal-washed dried an

Sol‐Gel Synthesis of a New Oxide‐Ion Conductor Sr‐ and

The impedance spectroscopy on a 93%‐dense sample exhibits no grain‐boundary contribution Microstructure and Conductivity of La1−xSrxGa0 8Mg0 2O3−δ Electrolytes Prepared Using the Freeze‐Drying Method Journal of the American Ceramic Society 10 1111/j 1551-2916 2010 04233 x 94 4 (1031-1039) (2011) Wiley Online Library Fan Weiyan Zhou Defeng Zhao Guichun Xia Yanjie

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─ Precipitation in China would possibly increase during the next 50 years with a projected nationwide increase of 2~3% by 2020 and 5~7% by 2050 The most significant increase might be experienced in southeastern coastal regions 6 ─ The possibility of more frequent occurrence of extreme weather/climate events would increase in China which will have immense impacts on the socio-economic

Dynamic development of starch granules and the

06/08/2014Thorough understanding of seed starch biosynthesis and accumulation mechanisms is of great importance for agriculture and crop improvement strategies We conducted the first comprehensive study of the dynamic development of starch granules and the regulation of starch biosynthesis in Brachypodium distachyon and compared the findings with those reported for common wheat (Chinese

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The high performance of Ni single crystal superalloys during high temperature low stress creep service is intrinsically determined by the combined effects of microstructural evolution and the dislocation behaviour In the field of the evolution of dislocation network two main recovery mechanism based on dislocation migration dominate the process One is superdislocations shearing into γ

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Al-Soeidat M Khawaldeh H Lu DDC Zhu J 2020 'A Novel High Step-up Three-Port Bidirectional DC/DC Converter for PV-Battery Integrated System' Conference Proceedings - IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition - APEC pp 3352-3357 View/Download from: Publisher's site View description Asari AR Guo Y Zhu J 2019 'Performances of SOMALOY 700 (5P) and

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14/05/2018Zhang-Jin Zhang School of Chinese Medicine The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong China Correspondence: Zhang-Jin Zhang - zhangzjhku hk Journal of Chinese Medicine 2018 13(Suppl 1):1 Background: There have been numerous psychological and psychiatric terms recorded in traditional Chinese medical bibliographies developing a TCM specialty called mental-emotional diseases (


Methanol also known as methyl alcohol amongst other names is a chemical with the formula C H 3 O H (a methyl group linked to a hydroxyl group often abbreviated MeOH) It is a light volatile colorless flammable liquid with a distinctive alcoholic odor similar to that of ethanol (drinking alcohol) A polar solvent methanol acquired the name wood alcohol because it was once produced

Sol‐Gel Synthesis of a New Oxide‐Ion Conductor Sr‐ and

The impedance spectroscopy on a 93%‐dense sample exhibits no grain‐boundary contribution Microstructure and Conductivity of La1−xSrxGa0 8Mg0 2O3−δ Electrolytes Prepared Using the Freeze‐Drying Method Journal of the American Ceramic Society 10 1111/j 1551-2916 2010 04233 x 94 4 (1031-1039) (2011) Wiley Online Library Fan Weiyan Zhou Defeng Zhao Guichun Xia Yanjie

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Each of the dry ingredients employed in compounds has its own particular resin absorption or drying effect on the resin For example in the case of two very common fillers china clay has more othan twice the absorptive power of calcium carbonate Longer glass fibers are less drying and coated fibers (HSI types) less than conventional And

Fractionation of DMSO

01/01/2018Furthermore high performance anion exchange chromatography (HPAEC) Fourier-transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) are employed to obtain structure characteristic of the hemicellulosic fractions 2 Experimental 2 1 Materials Neosinocalamus affinis was harvested in Sichuan province China


The present invention provides a precipitation-reduction method for preparing nano cobalt powder which belongs to the technical field of the preparation of nano metal powder in metal materials In the method a cobalt soluble salt water solution is used for the replacement reaction with OH-1 radical ions of strong alkali NaOH or KOH to be prepared into Co(OH)2 nano colloidal precipitation


A robotic platform is adopted to conduct a comprehensive solvent engineering for making lead halide perovskites in a high-throughput manner Deeper insights into the working mechanisms and selection criteria of antisolvents are investigated and summarized In addition a reliable antisolvent database is established and verification tests match well with the theory

Efficient hydrolysis of raw starch and ethanol

18/10/2016After ethanol precipitation and two chromatographic considerable quantities of cassava starch which is the most suitable non-grain and starch-rich feedstock are produced in the subtropical area of China Southeast Asian countries Brazil and South Africa Therefore raw corn and cassava starch flours were chosen for the starch hydrolysis and subsequent SSF studies In order to more

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In the recent years lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in small electronic devices because of their advantages in energy density and cycle life [1] LiCoO 2 is generally employed as a cathode material but co-bearing materials are expensive and could cause pollution issues LiNiO 2 structure becomes unstable during the cell charging process as the material was delithiated

Influence of grain size and precipitation hardening on

27/01/2017Fig 12 shows the combined influence of grain refinement and precipitation on the fatigue performance of UFG CuNi3Si1Mg The fatigue strength of the under-aged and peak-aged (aging for 1 and 6 h) samples is 300 and 325 MPa respectively It is by 71% and 86% higher than the fatigue strength of the swaged non-aged sample (175 MPa) Download : Download high-res image (283KB) Download :

Particle Size Distribution Analysis

Aeris Benchtop X-ray diffractometers ASD Spectrometers spectroradiometers Axios FAST High throughput simultaneous WDXRF spectrometer Claisse XRF AA ICP sample preparation CNA On-line crossbelt analyzers Empyrean Multipurpose X-ray diffractometers Epsilon EDXRF benchtop and on-line spectrometers Insitec On-line process particle size analyzers Mastersizer World's most popular

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A kind of method for being used to prepare the ultra-fine grain of high-performance polymer with the yield more than 90% it includes high-performance polymer being dissolved in the organic solvent that can dissolve polymer forming solution;By binding soln and water and surfactant come emulsified solution to form emulsion;Emulsion is transferred into the receiving water body including

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A high-performance alternative to PVC tile flooring that is made with a unique plant-based composition that reduces the reliance on petroleum and fossil fuels Made with breakthrough patented polymer that contains rapidly renewable ingredients Patent US8519053 Biophilic Design Biophilic design seeks to reconnect building occupants to nature Flooring contributes to biophilic design by

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The precipitation speed in the Low-Cr alloy was low at a temperature of 1100 C The ReRu-rich and stylish innovation to meet the fast-paced city life crowd physiological and psychological needs to improve the quality of life and work purposes Innovation of a product in addition to hoping to facilitate people's lives but also hope to gradually change the way people live and work to


Abnormally fast drying and shrinkage due to factors such as evaporation from wind during placement may lead to increased tensile stresses at a time when it has not yet gained sufficient strength resulting in greater shrinkage cracking The early strength of the concrete can be increased if it is kept damp during the curing process Minimizing stress prior to curing minimizes cracking High