prediction of the effect of temperature on water sorption

Moisture sorption isotherms of whole milk powder in the

2015-5-4Moisture sorption isotherms of whole milk powder in the temperature range of 5–35 C and critical values of water activity prediction Jitka Langov1 2 Jiř Štencl1 1University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology Department of Milk Hygiene and Technology Brno Czech Republic

Moisture sorption isotherm of natural condiment

2019-5-23Water content of equilibrated sample was then measured as equilibrium moisture content (EMC) Five models of the equation were used in this experiment to fix Moisture sorption isotherm (MSI) data The results show that natural condiment cube coated with edible coating has lower water

Water Saturation Dependence on CO 2 Sorption

2014-6-19For the assessment of the carbon dioxide (CO2) storage potential of water-filled reservoir rocks (i e saline aquifers) it should be first important step for a thorough understanding of the effect of water content on CO2/water/rock interactions during CO2 injection The purpose of this study is to examine the CO2 sorption amount for Kimachi sandstone and Berea sandstone at different water

RUN: Effect of temperature on the sorption curves of

2020-5-20In this context this paper focuses on the prediction of the evolution of sorption curves with temperature on earth plasters and compacted earth samples For that purpose two methods are proposed The first one is an adaptation of the isosteric method which gives the variation of relative humidity with temperature at constant water content


2019-12-21degree of water sorption with increasing temperature at a given water activity Several researchers (Iglesias Chirife 1982 Singh et al 2001) have reported similar trend for different foods The critical moisture content for beef (at water activity value of 0 6) within the temperature range of 30-60C was found to be between 0 1

Effect of relative humidity and temperature on moisture

2019-5-21bicarbonate at controlled temperature and humid-ity conditions Therefore the purpose of this study was to investigate the moisture sorption of sodium bicarbonate and associated stability at various temperature and humidity conditions and to determine the critical humidity at given values of storage temperature 2 Materials and methods 2 1

Effect of Anti

The moisture sorption isotherms for this granular jaggery samples are Type-III isotherms and the effect of temperature on equilibrium moisture content (EMC) values upto a water activity values of 0 3 to 0 5 show no significant effect Among two moisture sorption isotherms (MSI) models tested with the experimental data for this high sugar food

Effect of Temperature and Water Content on the

2019-5-26Effect of Temperature and Water Content on the Shear Viscosity of the Ionic Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Bis Water Sorption and Diffusivity in [C2C1im][BF4] [C4C1im][OAc] and [C4C1im][Cl] Prediction of the Solvation and Structural Properties of Ionic Liquids in Water by Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy

effect of temperature on moisture sorption isotherms

1289 Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science 20 (No 6) 2014 1289-1294 Agricultural Academy EFFECT OF TEMPERATURE ON MOISTURE SORPTION ISOTHERMS AND MONOLAYER MOISTURE CONTENT OF BERMUDA GRASS (CYNODON DACTYLON) M Al-Mahasneh1∗ F Alkoaik1 A Khalil1 R Fulleros1 and A El-Waziry2 1 Department of Agricultural Engineering College

Water sorption and water permeability properties of

The effect of temperature on moisture content water sorption rate water sorption capacity and monolayer moisture content is complex and related to the water activity as well as the moisture content Based on R2 and RMSE values the Peleg and GAB models were respectively determined as excellent models to predict the water sorption properties

Applications for Water Activity and Sorption

2013-10-24Temperature Temperature must be specified and held constant The effect of temperature on the moisture sorption isotherm follows the ClausiusClapeyron equation Desorption isotherms of potato slices at various temperatures From Gorling P (1958) in Fundamental Aspects of the Dehydrationof Foodstuffs Society of Chemical Industry London pp


2018-6-10known to be a function of temperature hence it is important to know the effect of temper-ature on its sorption isotherm Temperature affects the mobility of water molecules and the equilibrium between the vapor and adsorbed phases An increase in temperature at constant water activity results in a decrease in the amount of adsorbed water [20]

Equilibrium Moisture Content Prediction for Wood

2015-10-27The Hailwood and Horrobin sorption theory (2) suggests such a formula The sorption theory considers a polymer-water system to be a solution and has been used in fundamental studies of the wood-water system (1 6 8) The author is Forest Products Technologies USDA

Evaluation of moisture sorption models and modified

2017-5-19Several water vapor sorption models available in literature are evaluated by fitting the sorption isotherm data of spruce (Picea abies) at 23C To take temperature effect into account temperature dependent sorption models are adopted to fit the sorption

Application of dynamic vapor sorption on the research of

The moisture sorption isotherm and water sorption kinetics of fermented biscuits at 25℃ was studied by dynamic vapor sorption method and saturated salt solution method and the test results were fitted with typical moisture absorption models The results showed

Water Sorption Isotherm of Pea Starch Edible Films and

2015-12-24Water Sorption Isotherm of Pea Starch Edible Films and Prediction Models structure or composition of the food effect on the moisture sorption isotherm [10] Consequently where aw is the water activity at the absolute temperature T (in kelvins) and R

Effect of Temperature

2015-11-1However few works studied the effect of temperature on hygrothermal behaviour of building envelope ( [6] [7]) This article aims to study the effect of the temperature-dependent sorption on the prediction of hygrothermal behavior of a hemp building envelope submitted to a variation of temperature and relative humidity

Property Prediction

2001-6-27Property Prediction: 10 Sorption The Sorption module simulates adsorption of molecules into porous crystal structures such as zeolites More than one type of sorbate molecule can be used in the simulation and pressure and temperature conditions can be varied Introduction

The Effect of Water Sorption and Glass Transition

T-Tg (T storage - Tg prediction) and reaction rate constant (k) plots showed that browning reaction occurred at temperature around glass transition and increased significantly at 150 above Tg of casein Tapioca starch in the food model was under glassy condition The mobility of substrate increased and diffused at amorphous matrix

Enthalpy‐Entropy Compensation in Sorption

Enthalpy‐Entropy Compensation in Sorption Phenomena: Application to the Prediction of the Effect of Temperature on Food Isotherms R J AGUERRE The authors are with the Departamento de Industries Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales Ciudad Universitaria

Effect of Anti

The moisture sorption isotherms for this granular jaggery samples are Type-III isotherms and the effect of temperature on equilibrium moisture content (EMC) values upto a water activity values of 0 3 to 0 5 show no significant effect Among two moisture sorption isotherms (MSI) models tested with the experimental data for this high sugar food

Effect of water content on the glass transition

2018-1-5The GT model allows prediction of the glass transition temperature of a mixture as a function of the glass transition temperatures of the pure components and a parameter k that characterizes the strength of the interaction between the two components : (1) where w is the mass fraction and the subscripts 1 and 2 refer to water and solute

Water sorption isotherms of fresh and partially osmotic

2012-10-19creases considerably at high water activity values This fact is related to the the crystalline sugars' transition to the amorphous state [23] Practically no effect of temperature on the sorption isotherm is observed The dependence with temperature is clearer at higher temperatures and when a wide range of temperatures are studied

Experimental Determination of Moisture Sorption

2016-9-9Water sorption isotherms illustrate the steady-state amount of water sorbed by food solids as a function of water activity (a w ) or storage relative humidity (RH) at constant temperature [9] In addition water sorption isotherm models are useful for predicting water sorption behaviour and evaluation of its effects on food stability