effect of slurry concentration and inlet temperature

Effect of temperature pH and solids concentration on

2016-9-9The effect of temperature pH and solids concentration on production of biogas from organic waste (poultry waste) was investigated for a period of 14 days using laboratory scale digesters constructed from 2L plastic containers The feedstock consisted of poultry waste made into slurry of four solids concentrations (SC) 10% 15% 20% and 25%

Effect of Slurry Concentration and Inlet Temperature

Samples of pineapple powder was produced using the spray drying method to investigate the effect of inlet temperature and slurry concentrations towards the glass transition temperature of the pineapple powder The spray dryer model used was a laboratory scale dryer and samples were run at different inlet temperatures of 130˚C 140˚C and 150˚C

Key Factors to Lime Slurry Usage in Water Treatment

2017-8-1For calculating the weights of slurry with varying percentages of water the following formula may be used: Calculated % Weights of Slurry W = weight in pounds of slurry per cubic foot S = specific gravity of dry lime solids A = per cent water in slurry CW = Concentration of solids in slurry by weight SW = SG of liquid usually water at


2011-10-15the temperature decreases the operator must make changes to the coagulant dosage to compensate for the decreased settling rate In most cases temperature does not have a significant effect on treatment A water treatment plant has the highest flow demand in the summer when the temperatures are the highest and the settling rates the best


2016-9-9All these tests were performed using sand water slurry [Shahsubhash N (2007)] have conducted experiments to visu- alize the effect of slurry flow rate on the erosion of coiled tub- ing Erosion rate has been investigated as a function of flow rate slurry concentration solid particles size and density and fluid viscosity

Effect of preparation conditions of Raney Nickel on its

2016-7-20CHOUDHARY SANE: EFFECT OF PREPARATION CONDITIONS OF RANEY-Ni ON ITS PROPERTIES 201 Table 1- Preparation conditions of Raney Nicke] catalysts Volume of alkali solution - 2000 cm3 Composition of Raney Nickel alloy - Ni (50 wt %) - Al (50 wt %) Particle size of alloy (av) - 30-60 f l Amount of Raney alloy - 50 g Stirring speed - 1200 rpm Catalyst Concentration Temperature

Cavitation performance of multistage slurry pump in

2020-3-27The particle concentration on the aerification is significant The solid phase concentration increases from 4% to 10% and the cavitation of the slurry pump is obvious Moreover the gas phase volume fraction at the entrance of the front impeller blade of the first stage is greatly increased reaching a maximum of 0 9


2008-7-5WEIR SLURRY PUMPING MANUAL iv–1 Symbols used The terms slurry and mixture in this Manual are used interchangeably to describe a mix of any loose solids made up in any proportions and combinations of any particle sizes and any conveying liquid The subscript w refers to densities and specific gravities of liquids – mostly but not exclusively water

Optimization of process parameters for the production of

The optimum spray-drying conditions for drying bael slurry were inlet air temperature maltodextrin and tricalcium phosphate concentration of 165 C 2 48% and 1 5% respectively Keywords: optimization process parameters production Aegle marmelos Correa

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2020-7-25aloe vera juice Response Surface Methodology (RSM) was performed to analyse the inlet air temperature(180 190 and 200C) and maltodextrin concentration (12 15 and 20%) with a feed flow rate of (3 4 and 6ml/min) on yield moisture content solubility bulk density vitamin C and antioxidant for the reconstituted powder


2010-2-8were made at same slurry level in the holding tank A stainless steel pipe loop of internal diameter 26 8 mm with entire length of about 18 m was used for slurry parameters measurement The operating temperature was controlled by pumping cooling water in counter flow direction through the annulus of a double pipe heat exchanger

Apparatus and system for concentrating slurry solids

An apparatus to separate solids from drilling slurry having an inlet positioned over an outlet of a concentration tank to displace water that would otherwise enter the down-stream centrifuges Baffles are provided to direct solids to the outlet and minimize the time that solids spend in the concentration tank Fluids having solids removed therefrom are removed from the apparatus at a location

10 1016/S0892

The effect of thcinlet solids concentration on the slurry flow splitting at an inlet bulk velocity of 4 8 m/see for glass beads with a ds0 of 0 5 mm is shown in FiguR 8 It Can be observ~l that the splitting in the splitter with a partition wall is less sensitive to the inlet bulk concentration than the


2018-9-17After the third exchange recover the resin slurry into an appropriate container and store appropriately 5 Verify the slurry concentration by transferring 10-100mL of slurry into a graduated cylinder and allow the resin to settle for ≥4 hours If needed adjust the slurry concentration to 50–70% 6 Proceed with column packing (below)

The function and process flow of oxidation blower in

2020-6-21The density of the slurry is critical Generally the slurry concentration runs at about 20% (a few power plant slurry The concentration of 30%) when the concentration greatly deviates from the design value and operates at a high level causes the oxidation blower outlet pressure to be high and may even exceed the rated pressure

Energy Requirements of a Limestone FGD System

2018-6-11pH = inlet slurry pH SO2 = inlet SO2 concentration (ppm) Mg = effective liquor Mg++ concentration (ppm) Cl = liquor Cl concentration (ppm) In a similar manner pressure drop across the scrubber was calculated from correlations developed by Bechtel for dif-ferent scrubber configurations 4-6 The scrubbing liquor * An alternative form of Eq

Thermal Performance of MEMS

volumetric concentration considerably decreases the wall temperature rise up to 50% compared to water Sabbah et al [5] studied the influence of MEPCM slurry on the microchannel heat sink They observed that enhance-ment of the heat transfer coefficient is significantly affected by MEPCM melting temperature channel inlet and outlet temperature

Hydrodynamic Simulation of Horizontal Slurry

2019-12-10The behavior of horizontal solid−liquid (slurry) pipeline flows was predicted using a transient three-dimensional (3D) hydrodynamic model based on the kinetic theory of granular flows Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation results obtained using a commercial CFD software package ANSYS-CFX were compared with a number of experimental data sets available in the literature The

Effect of Free Ammonia Free Nitrous Acid and

The effect of free ammonia (NH 3 or FA) free nitrous acid (HNO 2 or FNA) and total alkalinity (TA) on the performance of a partial nitrification (PN) sequencing batch reactor (SBR) treating anaerobically pretreated pig slurry was studied The SBR was operated under alternating oxic/anoxic (O/A) conditions and was fed during anoxic phases


2015-5-19abrasive slurry The solids concentration and viscosity of a slurry will have a direct impact on pump component life All major pump and valve manufacturers can provide assistance with product selection for pumping and controlling Magnesium Hydroxide slurry MAINTENANCE Handling a slurry requires routine maintenance

Gas Processing Journal

2020-7-14250Cincreasing inlet gas temperature accelerates the solid crust formation but after more effect since the droplets have been completely dried and the reaction doesn't proceed 3 2 Effect of Absorbent Concentration In Figure 3 the effect of absorbent concentration increase on removal efficiency and approach temperature is shown

Objective Flux Slurry Fixtures NOCOLOKFlux

2018-3-7Flux Slurry Brazing Key observations HF Generation Coatings Product Fit up Flux Application Process Sequence Magnesium HF Generation Product Fit up Welding Welding Soldering Flux Application Process Sequence Process Sequence Process Sequence Fixtures Flux Slurry Brazing Reactions Brazing Reactions Corrosion Tests Temperature Profile Drying

Effects of Thickening Time on the Application of Cement

Effect of Gas Migration on Cement Slurry Design An improved development in high pressure/high temperature wells was the control of flow after cementing because without proper slurry design gas can migrate and flow through the cement matrix during the waiting on cement time

Slurry pumping problems

2006-7-24The temperature will also effect the viscosity Are you monitoring the slurry temp? RE: Slurry pumping problems When the lime slurry concentration is lower than certain percentage (for example 4 to 6%) the change on viscosity will be negligible One of the major pump inlet problems encountered in pump applications is the return product

CFD Prediction of Stratification in Isothermal Ice Slurry

2014-12-20Figure 4: Effect of inlet ice concentration on ice concentration profiles (C) and velocity profiles (D) at fully developed conditions (Z =2 95m) for V in = 0 35 m/s 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION The ice slurry behavior in horizontal tube is discussed The axial evolution of