real-time monitoring of the drying of extruded granules


2019-8-1Furthermore accuracy and robustness against dried granules' LOD and API content was demonstrated with three external datasets in real-time The described granulation and drying units are part of a highly innovative fully continuous from powder-to-tablet GMP-qualified manufacturing plant dedicated to the production of solid oral dosage forms

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2015-8-17In this context the choice of the right monitoring tool is important and often challenging for example in the case of complex multivariate models for spectroscopic data acquisition Well‐placed PAT sensors and probes are key elements of an efficient control strategy enabling CM and possibly real‐time

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2019-9-19The encoder housing is made of a special anodized aluminum alloy (*) The real-time measurement as well as the control of the drying (spray-drying) process results in higher productivity and food manufacturing process safety The processability of raw materials increases and energy consumption decreases


In this study we established a robust feed-forward control model for the tableting process by partial least squares regression using the near-infrared (NIR) spectra and physical attributes of the granules to be compressed The NIR spectra of granules are rich in information about chemical attributes such as the compositions of any ingredients and moisture content Polymorphism and pseudo


2020-7-31With deep roots in the plastics processing industry and informed by editorial expertise PlasticsToday reports on relevant news trends and technologies impacting the half-trillion-dollar global plastics market The legacy brand of Modern Plastics — the oldest US plastics trade magazine founded almost 100 years ago — and Injection Molding Magazine PlasticsToday covers developments in

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Real-time continuous monitoring for process control and regulatory compliance Sievers InnovOx On-Line Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers offer continuous organics monitoring and multi-stream capabilities The multi-stream capability allows user to run up to five samples if processes do not require continuous monitoring The Sievers InnovOx

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2011-2-2All three methods used a high shear mixer The results indicated235 that the use of steam as a granulating liquid enabled a reduction in the drying time as a236 lower amount of water was used The steam granules had the lowest dissolution rate over237


2020-7-31The "Neutrons and Food" workshop (31 Oct – 3 Nov 2010 in Sydney) was held to identify the future scientific needs in the application of neutron scattering to Food Science The application of neutron scattering to food-based systems is still in its infancy but has significant potential to understand the complex relationship between food structure processing rheology nutrition food

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AgriFI is a novel FIWARE-based service that allows farmers to: Get accurate and real-time predictions of possible disease outbreaks in their crops Farmers can customize the system by activating or setting up rules and conditions that will trigger specific actions related to diseases such as informing the farmer by email/SMS or contacting experts when a disease model reach specific condition

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Results of color analysis of extruded products showed that the values of the L* component from extruded products varied from 54 43 to 70 87 In conditions of high moisture and high amount of turmeric flour luminosity decreases (Table 2 Figure 3) The results obtained for the a* value of the extruded products ranged from 1 64 to 9 61

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The dried granules are collected from the bottom of the spray tower where they are screened to achieve a relatively uniform size (3) After the granules have been cooled heat sensitive ingredients that are not compatible with the spray drying temperatures (such as bleach enzymes and fragrance) are added (4)


2012-4-30Over the last three decades hot-melt extrusion (HME) has emerged as an influential processing technology in developing molecular dispersions of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) into polymers matrices and has already been demonstrated to provide time controlled modified extended and targeted drug delivery resulting in improved bioavailability [1 2 3 4]

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2010-11-1As cited by the FDA "Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is a system for designing analysing and controlling manufacturing through timely measurements (i e during processing) of critical quality and performance attributes of raw and in-process materials and processes with the goal of ensuring final product quality "1 The main goal of PAT is to gain a deep understanding of


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2020-8-1Drying extruded cereal and bread crumb products: The sand dryer control system is capable of adjusting the burner perfectly in real time to match whatever moisture content is in the sand This results in a perfectly dried product The dryer is controlled by maintaining a constant energy balance over the dryer by monitoring the []

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Binte Wali Musbiha (2018) Wirelessly Addressable Miniaturzied and Skin-Mountable Sensor System for Real-Time Monitoring of Mice Model Blasing David (2018) Photoassociation in 87Rb BECs And In Ultracold 7Li85Rb Blum Elaine M (2018) A Pragmatic Methodology for the (Queer) Self


2011-5-17A number of glass solutions of poorly soluble drugs have been developed using the melt extrusion process with a drug load ranging from 30 to 60% with real time stability up to 9 years During this time period no crystallization could be detected by means of X-ray powder diffraction or differential scanning calorimetry [91]


Real-time monitoring of the drying of extruded granules in a fluid-bed dryer using audible acoustic emission chemometrics Hisayoshi Aoki† Yusuke Hattori† and Makoto Otsuka * Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty of Pharmacy Musashino University 1-1-20 Shinmachi Nishitokyo-shi Tokyo 202-8585 Japan

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Agilent Technologies Inc (NYSE: A) is a global leader in life sciences diagnostics and applied chemical markets With more than 50 years of insight and innovation Agilent instruments software services solutions and people provide trusted answers to customers' most challenging questions


Online PSD monitoring of continuous twin-screw wet granulation and drying • Near IR spectroscopy (NIRS) used to monitor granule particle size distribution (PSD) • Method was able to predict dried granule PSD-fractions X10 X50 and X90 • Robustness of NIRS method based on three independent in-line datasets in real-time •

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2017-9-6•Residence time and Melt temperature should be the same •in-line monitoring possibilities – PAT / QBD •co-extrusion (e g manufacturing of high-precision medical devices) 21 •Principle theory of continuous fluid bed drying wet granules process air for fluidization and drying dry granules

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The Credence Connect™ Auto-Sensing Injection Systems (PHARMAPACK - '2020 INNOVATION DEVICE AWARD WINNER') incorporates automatic real-time monitoring of critical injection data The 'Connect' links to the Credence App on smart phone / tablets measuring and transmitting injection progress in real time

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Agilent Technologies Inc (NYSE: A) is a global leader in life sciences diagnostics and applied chemical markets With more than 50 years of insight and innovation Agilent instruments software services solutions and people provide trusted answers to customers' most challenging questions