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How to Grow Sunflowers and What to Avoid

With over 70 species and lots of varieties there are many choices! Sizes range from dwarf types (1 to 2-feet tall) to mammoths (8 to 15 feet) The world record for sunflower height is currently 30 feet! Flower sizes can be a few inches and up to 20-inches in diameter Flower colors: white pale yellow yellow bright yellow orange bronze rust dark red and bi-colored varieties

Essential Facts About Pet Sugar Gliders

Learn the facts about sugar gliders including their expected lifespan origins behaviors and dietary needs Lianne is a veterinarian epidemiologist and freelance writer who's written nearly 400 articles for The Spruce Pets Learn about The Spruce Pets' Editorial Process

Top 10 Best House Plants

The hashtag #plants has already garnered more than 26 million posts! Combined with the trend of coziness in interior design plants are the easiest way to spruce up any space in a flash To get you started on your plant parent journey here's a short list of the most popular house plants that can fit into any room you choose Roses

Summertime's Sensational Sunflowers

Summertime's Sensational Sunflowers Sunflowers are admired in floral arrangements for their warm and inviting beauty and are known to symbolize loyalty adoration and longevity They are used in the floral industry to express feelings of happiness and energy but the wondrous sunflower is so much more than just a pretty flower

Fun Sunflower Facts!

Cuddly sunflowers? You read that right! There is a type of sunflower called the Teddy Bear Sunflower This type produces double blooms which gives them a full and fluffy head resembling that of a stuffed teddy bear! Thank you Mental Floss Pro Flowers Encyclopedia Britannica and She Said Sunflowers for these fun facts!

Porcini Mushrooms Information Recipes and Facts

Also known as King Bolete Bolet Comestible Cep Cpe de Bordeaux Champignon Polonais Penny Bun in England Porcino in Italy Steinpilz in Germany Panza in Mexico and Belyy Grib or Borovik in Russian Porcini mushrooms grow individually or in small clusters in forests at the base of pine fir hemlock chestnut oak and spruce trees

South Dakota Ag Facts

South Dakota Ag Facts Capital: Pierre Population: 812 383 Founded: November 2 1889 (40th) State : Chinese Ring-Necked Pheasant State Tree: Black Hills spruce State Flower: Pasque Number of Counties: 67 Largest City: Sioux Falls - 157 935 Nickname: Mount Rushmore State Number of Farms: 31 300 Average Farm Size: 1 401 acres Total Farmland: 44 million acres

14 Fun Facts About Trees

2020-8-114 Fun Facts About Trees Trees are more than just part of our natural landscape They provide shelter and food for wildlife They absorb carbon dioxide and produce breathable air And one of the best things about trees is that they add to the beauty of the world Here are some of our favorite tree facts

Summertime's Sensational Sunflowers

Summertime's Sensational Sunflowers Sunflowers are admired in floral arrangements for their warm and inviting beauty and are known to symbolize loyalty adoration and longevity They are used in the floral industry to express feelings of happiness and energy but the wondrous sunflower is so much more than just a pretty flower

Grow Giant Sunflowers

Fun Facts About Sunflowers Growing Large Vegetables Are Sunflowers Poisonous? Black Oil Sunflower Seeds Heirloom Open-Pollinated and Hybrid Seeds 15 Plants With Big Beautiful Flowers Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana) Plant Profile The Spruce is part of the Dotdash publishing family

How Aspens Grow

Celebrating Wildflowers explores how aspens grow the symptoms and possible causes of aspen decline and the challenges to maintaining this species in the western landscape Enjoy this unique species its dazzling fall colors the wildflowers found in aspen groves and the

How to Plant Sunflower Seeds (with Pictures)

2020-6-30Sunflowers are annual plants that produce large or small yellow flowers in the summer Sunflowers are very popular because of their beauty and because they are easy to grow Planting sunflower seeds in the spring can be a fun activity for adults and children You can plant sunflower seeds with a minimum of time and preparation

Patty Pan Squash Information and Facts

Current Facts Patty pan grown in a number of different sizes and colors from white to yellow to orange or green Select firm shiny squash free from cuts and blemishes Nutritional Value Patty pan squash are 90% water and are a good source of vitamin A magnesium copper and iron Applications

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"Helianthus" is the scientific name of Sunflower Helia for Sun and Anthus for Flower Sunflowers are the symbol of faith loyalty and adoration They follow the movement of the sun across the sky from east to west and this process is known as heliotropism DA: 49 PA: 25 MOZ Rank: 35 Fun Facts About Sunflowers - The Spruce thespruce

tarnished plant bug

2020-5-26Several parasitoids are known but the egg parasite Anaphis iole Girault and the nymphal parasites Leiophron uniformis (Gahan) Peristenus pallipes (Curtis) and eristenus pseudopallipes (Loan) (all Hymenoptera) are thought to be relatively important The native parasites seem to be more effective at parasitizing Lygus on weeds than on crops The imported parasitoid Peristenus digoneutis Loan

Sunflower Facts

Sunflowers are the brightest stars of the garden sparking imaginations for generations Their sunny faces always bringing joy There are many types of sunflowers — from small to large yellow to red However there is more to sunflowers than meets the eye Learn more sunflower facts and the symbolism behind these sunny faces Sunflower Facts:

Tundra Biotic Factors

2017-7-30The image above shows a mother polar bear Ursus maritimus with her offspring Polar bears live in the Arctic tundra within the Arctic Circle Alpine Tundra Resident mammals in the alpine tundra include mountain sheep mountain goats ibex chamois wildcats marmots ground squirrels jumping mice pikas rabbits and birds like the snow goose the ptarmigan and owls

Interesting facts about spruce trees

The Sitka spruce is the tallest species of spruce that can reach almost 100 meters (330 feet) in height For most of the common spruces you can expect 150 – 200 year lifespan on average – though some have lived far longer – 800 or 900 years is not unheard of

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Interesting facts about sunflowers | Just Fun Facts Justfunfacts Sunflowers are very fast growing plants in the right conditions they can grow 2 4-3 7 m (8-12 feet) tall in six months The tallest sunflower on record was 9 17 m (30 ft 1 in) Vincent Van Gogh did a series of paintings featuring and called Sunflowers

Horticulture and Home Pest News

2020-8-2Bloom of the Week: Hardy hibiscus is known for its oversized flowers in summer FAQ of the Week: Watering frequency and timing are important considerations during drought conditions Pest of the Week: Did you know that wasps and bees are social?Learn more from Social Wasps and

What Eats a Squirrel in the Food Chain?

There are several species of squirrel including the ground gray and flying squirrels Many squirrel species live in tree tops and scamper on the ground in pursuit of a potential mate or foraging for nuts and foodstuffs but there are also species of squirrel such as the Eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus) that are primarily ground dwellers

Standing under Big Sunflowers is a real experience

Feb 13 2014 - Standing under Big Sunflowers is a real experience thank you Lord for their beauty and cheer that I experienced being surrounded in yellow Stay safe and healthy Please practice hand-washing and social distancing and check out our resources for adapting to these times