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2020-6-9Dry stale weed sucks- let's all face it You've probably wondered at some point how to best preserve your herb unless you just came onto the cannabis scene and are used to buying perfectly manicured and cultivated cannabis from your local dispensary or from a caregiver Whether it was that way when you purchased it or if the became that way after time it sucks when your stash is as

Grow your own herb garden to join the fight against

NEW DELHI: Your small choice of starting a kitchen herb garden or nurturing the gardening habit can lead you to joining the fight against global warming The good news is that your balcony backyard or kitchen garden can help control urban temperatures mitigating the effects of extreme heat and cold due to climate change

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2009-7-6Top Herb News: No colchicine in ginkgo: Independent testing refutes results of flawed research: FDA Warnings to Food Companies Based on Misinterpretation of Food Additive Law : Black cohosh study demonstrates no benefits for breast cancer survivors: Harvard Medical School to create institute for nontraditional medicine

Another Herb Philipson's Location Closed What's In

2019-8-13By Spectrum News Staff Liverpool PUBLISHED 1:15 PM ET Aug 13 2019 PUBLISHED 1:15 PM EDT Aug 13 2019 UPDATED 7:51 PM ET Aug 13 2019 SHARE Sporting goods store Herb Philipson's has announced the permanent closure of their Liverpool location

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For over 35 years the Herb Research Foundation has been helping to educate the world about herbs We offer solid science and informed opinion for free Please use the donate button to support our work or better yet JOIN us Self-care is the key to better health and self-education is key to self-care

Jamaica Herb Man Touts COVID Cure

Jamaica Observer:- MEDICINAL herb practitioner Carlton Bennett is calling on his fellow Jamaicans to embrace herbal medicine as a preventative and curative measure for COVID-19 and every other kind of disease "Herb is the healing of the nation " Bennett or King Yashua as he is known by his customers across the island pronounced in an interview with the Jamaica Observer last week

Can you hear me now?

2020-7-24SharePresident Trump never ceases to amaze me He tweets a clip showing a man yelling "White Power" not once but twice and then has the unmitigated gall to say "I didn't hear anyone say 'White Power!'" I for one have had enough of Trump's blatant lies misinformation and hateful rhetoric On Nov 3 as an independent voter I will not be voting for President Trump or any of

Plants ditch pollinating insect

The plant is a deciduous perennial herb which is endemic in the Guangdong Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of Southern China where it hangs on rock walls in humid monsoon forests After careful studies in the following years the researchers observed pollination in the angiosperm by pollen that is conveyed in a mobile secreted medium