modeling of physicochemical and functional parameters of

Contrasting responses of phosphatase kinetic parameters

Phosphatase kinetic parameters were positively related to the availability of N and P in P‐rich soils but inorganic P inhibited phosphatase activity and caused a decrease in the catalytic efficiency in P‐poor soils More microbial community groups could contribute to the secretion of a broader spectrum of iso‐enzymes under combined additions of N and P in P‐rich soils We conclude

Advanced functional materials for soft robotics: tuning

31/12/2019Materials integration relies on the development of appropriate processes to assemble multiple materials with often very distinct physicochemical properties in a low-cost scalable and/or high precision execution which will significantly impact the emergence of soft robotics (e g additive manufacturing technologies such as fused deposition modeling laser sintering two-photon

Measurement and Analysis of Physicochemical Parameters

Since however physicochemical parameters in this research project have been measured underwater their values are considered to vary on a time scale of hours However a sampling period (or data collection time) of 15 min is considered to be adequate for the investigation of geological phenomena

Thermodynamic modeling of the essential physicochemical

01/12/2018The initial amounts of C S H CH AFm AFt and Friedel's salt per liter of concrete in the thermodynamic model are 225 g 90 g 9 g and 22 5 g respectively The initial porosity of concrete is assumed to be 14 6% The concentrations of the primary ions in the concrete pore solution were derived from the literature The calcium/silicon ratio the specific surface area and the surface

Opuntia Cladodes: Physicochemical parameters

Physicochemical and functional properties of Opuntia cladodes were investigated to evaluate the effect of drying temperatures and the possibility for its application in formulation of rolled cake of cladode flour The three powders obtained by three drying temperatures showed a significant difference on the physiochemical and functional properties studied exception for reducing sugars and

adsorbent material: physicochemical characterization and

Effect of process parameters such as dosage of biomaterial initial dye concentration stirring speed size of grains of adsorbent and their interaction on the sorption were studied by using full factorial Central Composite Design (CCD) Received 31May 2017 04 Aug 2017 Accepted 12 Aug 2017 Keywords wood industry physicochemical

Coupling growth kinetics modeling with machine learning

Operation or physicochemical parameters including temperature dissolved oxygen (DO) ammonia phosphate and total organic carbon (TOC) were monitored and provided by the facility managers (detailed methods are available in Additional file 1) Phosphate measurement at one third of the sampling locations was not available Terephthalic acid concentration of the samples was measured in UIUC

Effects of Agricultural Management on Rhizosphere

Structural equation modeling revealed a greater effect of soil biological communities than physicochemical parameters on plant outcomes These results highlight the importance of rhizosphere-specific studies as plant selection likely interacts with management in regulating microbial communities and functions that impact agricultural productivity IMPORTANCE Agriculture relies in part on

Chromatographic modeling of the release of particle

Chromatographic modeling of the release of particle-adsorbed molecules into synthetic alveolar surfactant S S Sehnert T H Risby University Administration Research output: Contribution to journal › Article Abstract Pseudophase liquid chromatography was used to measure the thermodynamic parameters governing adsorption of organic molecules from the surfaces of carbonaceous particles

Modeling of physicochemical and functional parameters of

Modeling of physicochemical and functional parameters of pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) powder using response surface methodology Abstract Pumpkin (Curcurbita pepo) is a rich source of carotene vitamins minerals pectin and dietary fiber however it is perishable in nature Spray drying was used for the preparation of pumpkin powder to enhance the shelf life and process parameters were modelled

Assessing the relationship among physicochemical

selected due to its tremendous structural and functional variability and sequence data availability A combined data mining and stochastic approach confirmed that out of 47 parameters transmembrane tendency influences the target variable most followed by percent buried residues GRAVY (Grand Average Hydropathicity) and aliphatic index Calculating the influence of different physicochemical

PROFEAT: a web server for computing structural and

Sequence-derived structural and physicochemical features have frequently been used in the development of statistical learning models for predicting proteins and peptides of different structural functional and interaction profiles PROFEAT (Protein Features) is a web server for computing commonly-used structural and physicochemical features of proteins and peptides from amino acid

Potentials of enhancing the physicochemical and

Different parameters were evaluated in order to find out the appropriate technique to enhance the physicochemical and functional-related characteristics of the extracted crude oil Results showed that the acid and peroxide values were significantly lower in the screw pressed oil (SPO) than in the hydraulic pressed oil (HPO) The total phenolic


Physico-chemical parameters for testing of water – A review Patil P N Sawant D V Deshmukh R N 1197 International Journal of Environmental Sciences Volume 3 No 3 2012 measure parameters that define the carbon dioxide system CO 2 is also the most important green house gas on Earth Its fluxes across the air-water or sediment-water

QSAR and Toxicity Prediction Software

parameters and can be linked to other modules for physicochemical and ADME Distributed by Bio clogP: Program for calculating log P oct/water from structure Distributed by BioByte ClogP/CMR: Estimates Molar Refractivity and logP Distributed by Tripos QikProp: Provides rapid ADME predictions of drug candidates Distributed by Schrodinger VolSurf: Calculate ADME Properties and Create

Atomic physicochemical parameters for three

Atomic physicochemical parameters for three dimensional structure directed quantitative structure-activity relationships III: Modeling hydrophobic interactions Journal of Computational Chemistry 1988 9 (1) 80-90 DOI: 10 1002/jcc 540090111

Subject: physicochemical properties

physicochemical properties etc Internet amino acid density functional theory energy molybdenum disulfide physical chemistry selenium sulfur tellurium tree growth Show all 10 Subjects Abstract: An atom-level understanding of the evolution of the physical and chemical properties of transition-metal dichalcogenide (TMD) nanoflakes is a key step to improve our knowledge of two

Physicochemical properties of SARS‐CoV‐2 for drug

The material properties of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‐CoV‐2) and its proteins are discussed We review the viral structure size rigidity lipophilicity isoelectric point buoyant density and centrifugation conditions stability against pH temperature UV light gamma radiation and susceptibility to various chemical agents including solvents and detergents

Modeling of the phospholipid vesicular nanostructure

The heat-technological parameters of the process were selected for obtaining particles having an average diameter of up to 500 nm The possibility of predicting the properties of the formed phospholipids structures obtained by the proposed treatment in a wide range of regime parameters is shown For the simulation a hybrid functional Petri net

Open Source Molecular Modeling

The utilities checkmol and matchmol decompose and compare functional groups of input molecules ConvertMAS is a utility for converting between formats and merging and splitting multi-molecule files Filter-it TM filters a set of molecules based on their properties such as physicochemical parameters and graph-based properties


The physicochemical properties of two molten salts namely KCl and NaCl have been studied with a molecular-dynamics approach using a density-functional-based tight-binding (DFTB) model The obtained results have been compared with a number of previously reported simulations carried out on smaller systems and using classical force-field techniques A good agreement has been found for both

Creation of Structural Polymer Composite Materials for

The various aspects of physicochemical modification of the components of structural materials of functional application based on classical composites and nanocomposites are analyzed Potential applications of such materials are briefly described Ultrasonic cavitation treatment is considered as a basic method of physical modification when obtaining the indicated classes of composites


PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PARAMETERS INTRODUCTION A healthy environment is necessary for any organism since life depends upon the continuance of a proper exchange of essential substances and energies between the organisms and its surroundings (Welch 1952) Water has a unique place on planet as it supports life on earth The entire fabric of life is woven around it Man uses this important

Physicochemical and rheological characteristics of alcohol

Physicochemical and rheological characteristics of alcohol-free probiotic boza produced parameters of special interest in terms of food acceptability food processing and food handling (Tabilo-Munizaga and Barbosa-Canovas 2005) A few studies are available on the rheology of boza Hayta et al (2001) investigated the effect of fermentation temperature on the viscosity and protein

Ukrainian Journal of Ecology

According to modeling regression (multiple regression: MANOVA) assembled environmental parameters did not effected the waterbirds abundance at Garaet Hadj Tahar (R^2=0 99 F=92 82 p=0 08062) Discussion Our data presented a new approach of waterbirds structure in wetlands of northeast Algeria The relationship in this topic illustrated the effect of physicochemical parameters

Application of Physicochemical Properties and Process

The results on samples S7 S9 and S10 (0 1 or all of the physicochemical parameters respectively lay outside the training set (see below) demanding more or less data extrapolation during the modeling) and some randomly selected cases from the other settings were used for external validation of the prediction performance The data on randomly selected 490 tablets were used for training