top 7 herbs that you should dry - the spruce

How to Prune a Colorado Blue Spruce

2020-7-31Remove any co-dominant leaders from the tip of the blue spruce The leader is the one vertical growth tip (branch) that tops the tree and establishes the height You want only one vertical leader at the tree top Cut side co-dominant leader branches with pruners or loppers back to a stub 1/2 inch above their attachment to the tree

Spruce Tips Syrup

2020-7-30When you tilt the plate the drops should stay solid not run down the plate All good let it cool down a bit and pour it in some glass bottles use paper corks (grab some A4 papers and form like a nice cork don' t get too sassy with it Store in a cool dry dark place This should be good even after ages

Superfood for skin 11 best herbs for skin care

Facebook0Tweet0Pin0Email0 Would like to learn more about herbs in cosmetics What herbs do you prefer for your skin and hair? If you want to pamper your skin with superfood read about the 11 best herbs for skin care For thousands of years natural herbs have been healing humans but they have also treated our beauty []

Top 7 Herbs That You Should Dry

Whatever way you dry them make sure your herbs are completely dry before storing them It's a good idea to check your herbs periodically to make sure there are no signs of condensation If you see any water droplets allow the herbs more time to dry and be sure to dispose of any that have started to mold

Lavender Spruce Soap

2018-2-1You could always open up a bottle of each lavender and spruce EO and wave 'em around under your nose and see what you think ha 😛 liz on February 1 2018 at 12:38 pm hi – this soap sounds amazing – but what could i use instead of spruce – its very expensive where i live so makes it a prohibitive product for me to use in this quantity


2019-3-14Picking herbs to dry pick only what you can dry and keep out of bright light Air drying is slower but everyone can do it It is so easy Gather 4 or 5 stems put a rubber band around the bottom and hang upside down in a dark warm dry well ventilated area The foliage should dry in 7-14 days depending on the conditions

My Top 10 List: Herbs

I started out years ago growing a basil plant or two Since then herbs have earned a prominent place in my gardens- even elevating themselves to entire gardens in prominent positions My list may vary from time to time depending on what is in season but below you'll find my Top 10 List of herbs that I believe should be in every home garden 10

How to Dry Herbs: Four Techniques You Should Know

Make sure you use a rubber band to hold the fresh herbs together as when the herbs dry the stems will shrink and the rubber band will make sure to keep the bind tight The other way to air dry involves plucking the leaves from the stems and laying them out to dry on a rack or tray—just make sure there isn't a breeze that'll blow the leaves

5 Ways to Dry Sage

2019-9-6If you want to dry your own sage then you're in luck Sage is one of the easiest herbs to dry because it isn't tender meaning that the leaves contain less moisture than those of other herbs Before you dry your sage you'll need to prepare it by separating and cleaning the leaves

Monsoon Diet: 7 Delicious Drinks To Help You Stay

2020-7-22Here Are 7 Delicious Drinks To Help You Stay Hydrated In Monsoon: 1 Chicken Nimbu Dhaniya Shorba Enriched with delicious herbs and an enthralling mix of flavours this Shorba recipe is a great way to hydrate yourself 2 Honey-Lemon-Ginger Tea Teas are a must-have for their water content as well as the variety of health benefits they offer

Norway Spruce Tree Facts and Care Tips

If you dislike cones reconsider choosing a Norway spruce They have the longest cones of any of the spruce tree species: three to seven inches The seeds are also large with a 15 mm pale brown wing attached to a five mm long black seed Give your freshly transplanted Norway spruce at least six weeks to develop before the first frost of the

The 8 Best Premium Dry Foods for Cats in 2020

For a great overall dry food we recommend Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Food All of the flavors are grain-free and the limited ingredient recipe prevents upset stomachs If you're looking for dry food that can help with weight loss though the Blue Buffalo Weight Control Dry Food is our top

Spruce essential oil Facts and Health Benefits

The color of Spruce ranges from clear to pale yellow It has fresh earthy woody and sweet aroma The spruce plant is also called Black Spruce and Spruce Health Benefits of Spruce essential oil Some of the health benefits provided by Spruce essential oil are: Provides energy

How to Make an Herbal Salve

2015-5-26There are many other medicinal plants and herbs that can be used such as calendula St Johns wort and arnica to name a few I foraged the herbs for this salve but you can also purchase high quality organic dried herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs If you foraged your own herbs you will need to dry

Marinated Red Onions How To Use Them

You can use honey maple syrup rice malt syrup coconut nectar or sugar If you want to go totally sugar-free simply omit it from the recipe Salt herbs spices – I use sea salt pepper and some kind of fresh herb I like oregano and thyme the best for marinating the onions

WHY you should not add GRAVELS to Pots: Busting an

2020-7-31Nothing as Master Gardener Sue McDavid said– Only the potting mix should be put into a plant container there is no need of a drainage layer and you can skip it However if you fear of the soil to wash out (which is not going to happen either) you can prevent soil from this by placing a layer of paper towel or newspaper over the holes before adding mix

Herbs To Burn For Love

15 Another hack to consider : You can combine 10 drops each of peppermint thyme and rosemary essential oils mixed with water in Every witch even if herbs do not call her should have a few basic herbs in the house at all times 00 The formula is ammonia- and

5 Healthiest Herbs and Spices Why You Need Them

2020-7-245 Healthiest Herbs Spices So if you only had space for 5 herbs and spices in your pantry which ones should you keep in stock? That's a tough one but after some careful research these 5 stood out among the rest: 1 Basil Basil is an Italian staple with over a 100 varieties to choose from and it's extremely rich in vitamin K and

How to dry herbs in the microwave

2020-8-2The reason you flipped the whole thing is to keep the herbs from sitting in that moisture as they continue to dry Microwave another 30 seconds on high and then check the herbs for dryness If they don't crumble easily between your fingers add another 15-30 seconds

How to Use Herbs for Estrogen Dominance

2020-3-9Herbs are adaptogenic and have numerous properties that may help conditions in ways we don't understand yet Use them with caution and know that everyone is different and if the herb doesn't feel right or causes changes you don't like you should discontinue use " We hope this helps 🙂

How to Preserve Your Herbs

2020-8-3One method for preserving the plants is hanging Hanging herbs does not require much effort and is an easy and fairly quick way to allow the foliage to dry out so you can preserve them In order to properly hang to to dry follow the next few steps carefully: Remove lower leaves from stems and tie bunches together close to the top of the stems

45 Expensive Services You Really Should DIY

2020-4-83 If you're trying to strip chlorine from hair sprinkle on some baking soda and massage it into your hair before you wash with shampoo as normal Make sure to towel dry instead of blow-drying on high heat If you must blow dry do so at the lowest setting Pro tip: Run a dryer sheet over your hair to tame frizz and flyaways

Herbs That Can Be Planted Together

2019-3-19We've compiled a list of herbs that can be planted together so you don't have to keep guessing! These herbs thrive when planted together not to mention that companion planting will also save you a ton of space! Having your very own herb garden is not only beneficial but it's also super easy to do! Herbs are usually pretty low maintenance so even if you don't have a green thumb there's no