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The Impact Public Service Fund 501c(3) facilitates progress on key social issues through an open-minded non-political process of convening experts and agents of change to address the biggest problems facing our community Impact is a non-profit and non-partisan organization founded in 2012 Impact has hosted events on education immigration jobs elections prison reform justice and more

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Alberto holds a bachelor degree in Philosophy and a master in Social Entrepreneurship The philosopher in him lives by the Maieutic method pushing him to be a catalyst for change This focus strongly also drives his work with the Design Factory of the University of Bologna Here Alberto coaches multidisciplinary teams of designers and

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She has attended several Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) Technical Workshops In Beijing she helped organize a BGRI communication workshop and media outreach Tony Iyare: Senior Correspondent Nigerian Democratic Report For more than 30 years he has covered environment international relations gender media and public communication

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NI presents '' at NIRAKN Conference 201514 September 2015NI researchers Dr Payi Linda Ford and Johanna Funk presented their Kathy Guthadjaka's research work to the National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network (NIRAKN) Conference in Adelaide 29 September NIRAKN is a national inclusive multidisciplinary hub and spokes model network committed to facilitating and

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Tropical Agroforestry (Gender Rural Development Farming Systems Research) Tropical Agricultural Center for Research and Higher Education (CATIE) Costa Rica (1996) (M Sc) (Courses) Tropical Forest Management Universidad Nacional Agraria de La Molina (Lima Per) (1991) B Sc Bachelor of Science Degree (Forestry Management) University of Alberta Edmonton Alberta Canada (1981) BA

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Social and Gender impact of tourism in Vanuatu Samoa and Fiji Pacific Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy and other existing regional plans such as the ESCAP Sustainable Tourism Development Plan 3 1 8 2 Community-based initiatives on sustainable tourism Strategic Partnership

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Catalyzing change leadership development advocacy and partnership building are cornerstones of what he believes are important to build sustainable solutions Much of his work has focused on facilitating this process and putting these cornerstones into practice primarily in rural school communities Dr Bartee has also had the good fortune of working with worksites health care government


Agricultural sectors play an important role in the process of economic development of a country especially in developing ones Vietnam is known as an emerging market which depends directly on agriculture-related activities for their livelihood in which the issue of rural credit access still remains a confounding problem The paper focuses on the characteristics of rural credit markets the


Facilitating gender and social change Partners in Research for Development is the flagship publication of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Partners presents articles that summarise results from ACIAR-brokered research projects and put ACIAR research initiatives into perspective Technical enquiries will be passed on to the appropriate researchers for

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Photo credit: Les Enfants de Bam Gender equality is still a long way away Policy-makers and researchers have increasingly turned attention and resources to closing gender gaps in key economic and social indicators Since the Beijing call for action in 1995 there have been impressive improvements: the share of women in paid employment outside of Continued


Cassava is one of the most important annual crops in Southeast Asia and faces increasing seed borne pest and disease pressures Despite this cassava seed systems have received scant research attention In a first analysis of Vietnamese and Cambodian cassava seed systems we characterized existing cassava seed systems in 2016–2017 through a farmer survey based approach at both national and

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Gender and Climate Change The IUCN Global Gender Office was established to support members' gender mainstreaming strategies which influenced the topic of gender to be a cross-cutting issue throughout several events and sessions On topics of climate change a workshop devoted to exploring the policy landscape highlighted grassroots' and

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gender-responsive and socially-sensitive climate change research work is important – it will help pinpoint data needs and data collection approaches in the context of climate change Gender roles Gender is shaped by other social factors including country/region ethnic group age economic class and religion Gender defines the roles and


Investing in social networks and grassroots capacity Setting the global agenda to sustainably transform agriculture and invest in climate actions in the face of climate change the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) is hosting a series of side events at the ongoing COP23 meetings Along with water land and gender aspects of small-scale


16/11/2019The University of the Philippines Mindanao is committed to lead in providing affordable quality education scholarly research and responsive and relevant extension services to diverse marginalized and deserving sectors in Mindanao and neighboring regions through its programs in the sciences and the arts inculcating a passion for excellence creative thinking and nationalism in the

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Gender and social work Dr Donna Bridges and Associate Professor Susan Mlcek are continuing their research on gender and social work a project which received internal CSU Funding Faculty Compact Funding in 2016 Historical ecology of Murray Cod As part of his post-doc research position with the Faculty of Science Dr Keller Kopf is working on research questions around Murray Cod historical

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02/10/2015Therefore recommended preventative strategies have to consider the many subtle social economic and cultural perceptions of HPAI risk and people's ability to change behaviour [2 28] For example Naysmith's [ 8 ] reporting of Bali poultry trader reluctance to wear face masks and gloves for fear that their customers will think that they or their birds are unhealthy is highly rational from

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Catalyzing change leadership development advocacy and partnership building are cornerstones of what he believes are important to build sustainable solutions Much of his work has focused on facilitating this process and putting these cornerstones into practice primarily in rural school communities Dr Bartee has also had the good fortune of working with worksites health care government

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Contents Foreword v Acknowledgments vii Strengthening research and extension partnership for impact: lessons from case studies 1 Changing views of agricultural innovation: implications for communicative intervention and science 15 Part I: IRRC Country Outreach Programs 33 Dissemination of Integrated NRM for Lowland Rice Dissemination of integrated natural resource

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Facilitating for Gender Balance By Holly Hammond It's a familiar situation You're at a forum seminar or conference and the MC opens up for questions Out of nowhere a man steps up strongly opinionated ready to pose a question – or perhaps offer their own perspective as a comment prompting the MC to enquire 'do you have a question?' There follow more questions and you can't

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Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) comprising: (a) the staff mentioned in section 52 of the Climate Change Authority Act 2011 and (e) the persons whose services are made available to the Climate Change Authority under section 53 of that Act and (f) the consultants engaged under subsection 54(1) of that Act See Note B Chief Executive Officer : 134

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There was a change in the editorship and the process of selection for a new editor went through a protracted period This took some time However I am now pleased to announce that Dr George H Axinn of Michigan State University and a very old friend of the Association has taken over the editorship He will continue for some time initially handling Volume 5 and Volume 6 I am aware that a